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The vivid mind clinic functions from 5-30 to 8-30 PM  from monday to saturday. 

Consultations at the vivid mind clinic are by appointment only, we priorotize the comfort and privacy of all our clients. There are no long waiting times at the vivid mind clinic, arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment and you are good to go !

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, you will not be able to book appointments online till the 31st of March. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Please stay home and stay safe. 

Psychiatry is a medical speciality, like surgery, general medicine and paediatrics. It involves the study, diagnosis and management of mental illnesses and distressing conditons, pertaining to both the mind and body. Misconceptions about psychiatric illness and treatment have some how prevented help seeking behaviour in those who need it the most. This Wall has to go, wherin visiting a psychiatrist should no longer be taboo, and people should be able to openly and freely discuss mental health issues. More here.

Dr Vikas Prabhav is a psychiatrist in anna nagar, chennai. He runs The Vivid Mind  mental wellness clinic in Anna Nagar. We aim at providing holistic, multimodal care for those suffering from mental illnesses and adjustment issues. We offer effective management strategies for depression, anxiety, unexplained physical symptoms, addictions, child/adolescent problems and other behavioural issues.The information provided in this website does not substitute for a medical consult.