I cant sleep well, what do i do?

Congratulations on not ignoring your problems with sleep, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of getting a good night’s sleep . Most people who cannot sleep well, find it easier to pop a pill not realizing that it isnt going help in the long run. Here are the top 5 things that can help you sleep like a baby.

sleep like a baby

1)Sleep hygiene 

– Try minimizing the time u spend sleepless on your bed.

– Limit noise and light in the bedroom at night.

– Limit day time naps

– Set a regular bedtime and stick to it.

-Avoid engaging in stimulating activities such as watching tv or browsing at bedtime

-Avoid coffee and cigarettes in the evening.

-Avoid regular use of alcohol.

2) Exercise

Regular physical exercise can be a magical cure to a number of physical and mental ailments. Exercise improves immunity and reduces stress and can be a great addition to your lifestyle. Looking good comes free with regular exercise. Avoid exercising too close to bed time though !

3)Keep your biological clock calibrated.

The human body runs on a clock that counts approximately 25 hours as a day, not the usual twenty four. This clock is reset almost everyday by exposure to light. If you weren’t resetting your clock daily, your circadian phase will gradually begin delaying, meaning the hormones that regulate sleep get released later, leading to a delay in sleep onset. Wake up and expose yourself to natural light as soon as possible ! This will work wonders for those who are jet lagged!

4)Relaxation training

Find a way to keep yourself relaxed, exercise is an awesome way. It could be anything, yoga, meditation, prayer ! Be consistent.

5) Are there other things that are interfering with sleep? Deal with them.

Chronic pain, breathing difficulties, chronic snoring, restless legs, anxiety, depression and number of other treatable illness will have definite effects on sleep quality and quantity. Please seek help when appropriate !

Sleep better! Live well !

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