attachment test

In a relationship ? You need to take this test

Romantic relationships make the world go around. Relationships are meant to provide a source of security/happiness and fulfillment. As you would have noticed, not everyone holds an innate ability to have healthy, loving relationships.  Relationships are often marred by problems that may stem from aggression, a need for control,possessiveness, selfishness, manipulation, volatility, under/over involvement and…

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How to always have a great day, every day !

  How old are you? How did you get to be this old ? I am sure you didn't time travel from the day you were born to today. Most people have to live through seconds, minutes and hours, consciously or unconsciously making decisions and acting in ways that provides direction to life(the rest have…

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emotional intelligence test

Emotional intelligence test (EQ test) online

What does "emotional quotient" mean ? Emotional intelligence can be described as a persons ability to reason with and understand one's own emotional state. A person who is emotionally intelligent is aware of how they feel and is able to identify, understand, and deal with the emotions effectively. Quick fact - People who have difficulty…

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how to keep new year resolution

5 easy steps to keep your new year resolution

Yet another year has passed. 365 days since we last made up our mind to change something. If you are one of the select few who managed to uphold their new year's resolution, congratulations ! To those like me who have forgotten what their resolution was, or had a difficult time sticking to their decisions,…

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Rules and assumptions in cbt

The next layer – Assumptions and rules in CBT

If you got here from "automatic thoughts and what they can do to you".  You have a fair understanding of what automatic thoughts are and how they run your life.  Automatic thoughts, although they seem "automatic" an invisible range of cognitive processes play an important role in how they arise. Automatic thoughts almost always arise…

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Hypnosis for sleep in Tamil – Hypnosis for insomnia

For a large number of people, falling asleep may not be as simple as lying down and closing your eyes. Distractions and stressful thoughts can interfere with your ability to quieten the mind and put your body to sleep. Whether you suffer from insomnia or are just feeling overwhelmed with the stress of day-to-day life,  hypnosis…

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