Schizophrenia – 10 things you absolutely must know

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9)The risk of SUICIDE is high!

Around 10-15% of those with schizophrenia die by suicide. Though It’s hard to predict those who are prone to attempt suicide, this number can definitely reduce if the society at large was able to empathize with those with schizophrenia and not banish them to isolation.

10)Schizophrenics need your help

Doctors work on helping those who do seek help. However, the number of people who do seek help for the treatment of most mental illnesses, including schizophrenia is pretty low. Further, employers continue to discriminate against those suffering from mental illness. We need you to get up and put your hand out for those suffering from mental illnesses including schizophrenia. Talking about schizophrenia improves awareness which, in turn, improves help-seeking behavior and outcomes. We are talking about people with illness, much like people with heart disease and people with cancer. We need to let them know that we understand.We need you to eliminate the stigma associated with mental illnesses.

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Treatment of schizophrenia in Chennai.

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