Online depression screening test

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depression screening test

Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and is a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease

Over five crore Indians are said to be suffering from major depressive disorder. Depression is  a major contributor to loss of quality of life among young people. It is also a major contributor to the number of lives lost due to suicide. Despite such serious consequences, most people fail to realize the importance on diagnosing and treating depression and other major mental illnesses. Even those who are clinically depressed often fail to seek help due a lack of awareness and  the stigma associated with the suffering from a mental illness.

According to WHO (World health organization) figures, the total cases of depressive disorders in 2015 in India were 5,66,75,969


People fail to realize that depression is an illness and that it can definitely be treated. It isn’t a weakness of the mind or a wrong way of perceiving things. This online depression screening  test  is based on the BDI (Beck’s Depression Inventory), a self report questionnaire used by professionals to diagnose depressive disorder. If you do diagnose yourself with depression based on this test, please reach out to a mental health professional.

Take the online depression test.

This is a short test that can easily be completed in 10 to 15 minutes.


1) Rate the items based on your condition during the past two weeks as well as they day you administer the test.

2)If multiple statements describe your condition equally, choose the response with the higher severity.

3)Give yourself enough time to complete the test, don’t rush through it.

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1.Sadness *
2.Pessimism *
3.Past failure *
4.Loss of pleasure *
5.Guilt *
6.Punishment *
7.Self-Dislike *
8.Self- Criticality *
9.Self harm *
10.Crying *
11.Agitation *
12.Loss of interest *
13.Indecisiveness *
14.Worthlessness *
15.Energy *
16.Sleep *
17.Fatigue *
18.Appetite *
19.Loss of weight *
20.Health worries *
21.Sex *