Does my child have ADHD ? Take the ADHD screening test.

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Screening for adhd
ADHD is a common childhood onset behavioral disorder.

It involves disturbances in 3 domains

Hyperactivity (being over-active or always on the go), inattention (trouble sustaining  attention) and impulsivity (doing things without thinking). Children must show 6 or more of these symptoms on a regular basis for more than 6 months, across two settings, like home and school.

Some of the behaviors that a child with ADHD may be confused with “being difficult” or being rude and disruptive.  It is important to identify and manage ADHD as early as possible.  This test is can help you Identify if your child has ADHD features.


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1.Fails to give close attention to details, careless mistakes *
2.Difficulty sustaining attention in tasks or fun activities *
3.Does not seem to listen when spoken to directly *
4.Does not follow through on instructions and fails to finish work *
5.Difficulty organizing tasks and activities *
6.Avoids tasks that require sustained mental effort (boring) *
7.Losing things *
8.Easily distracted *
9.Forgetful in daily activities *
10.Fidgety or squirms in seat *
11.Leaves seat when sitting is expected *
12.Feels restless *
13.Difficulty in doing fun things quietly *
14.Always on the go or acts as if “driven by a motor” *
15.Talks excessively *
16.Blurts answers before questions have been completed *
17.Difficulty awaiting turn *
18.Interrupting or intruding on others *