Feeling low ? Take the depression Quiz

am i depressed quiz

Depressive illness is one of the major contributors to disability worldwide. Depression is an evil illness and those who are depressed often do not seek help for the same. Depression can beat you down and keep you there if it isn’t taken seriously and managed appropriately. All of us go through tough times and it is quite normal to feel low or sad for some time, these are emotions that make us human. Sometimes sadness takes over and keeps you feeling miserable most of the time this could very well be a depressive disorder.

Take this depression quiz to help figure out if you may have a condition that you need to seek help for. This does not replace a mental health professional, but can help you differentiate sadness for depressive disorder. This a quick self-test to identify depressive disorder. 

Am I Depressed? Take this quiz to find out!

 Depressed ? – talk to your healthcare provider immediately.

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