The Stages of dementia

staging dementia

Dementia is rarely abrupt in onset and the first signs of illness often predate medical attention by several months, sometimes years. Here are the “seven stages of decline” of mental faculty in dementia. The earlier it is identified, better the outcome.

How is dementia staged ?

Dementia is staged on the basis of

1.Cognitive decline ( The decrease in mental faculty from norm)

2.Functioning decline. ( Difficulty in day to day activities such as bathing).

3.A combination of the two.

On the basis of Cognitive decline.

Clinical instruments such as the MMSE (Mini mental status examination) and the MoCA( Montreal cognitive assesment) are applied by trained professionals in order to come up with a score.

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Staging dementia based on MMSE scores

MMSE Score on 30Stage

Staging is of importance in dementia as it dictates the efficacy of intervention and treatment options.

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