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5 reasons why I do not sleep well

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The hectic day is done, and I am ready to travel to the land of dreams. I lay on the bed and the clock starts ticking, there goes 10, and then 11 and then 12, 1 and you loose track of time. Then the birds wake up, and then the sun comes up and another day is born. Yet, I lay there with wondering ” why cant i sleep “. Does this happen to you too ?

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Here are the top five reasons why this happens to you.

  1. You carry your plans and worries to bed. In this day and age, our lives are centered around solving problems. We constantly try to predict and solve problems all the time, be it about work or play or chores. Imagine sitting in bed with the brain working hard figuring out how to solve the worlds fuel crisis, you aren’t going to doze off are you?
  2. You use the bed for other things but sleeping and sex. I want to sleep the instant i hit the bed, but i keep confusing my brain as to what i want to do. I eat on it, I read on it, I watch TV on it, sometimes i dance on it.
  3. Your brain is too stimulated by either coffee or cigarettes. Caffeine and nicotine are true stimulants and are designed to keep one awake. That cup of Joe you had at 7 in the evening is probably what keeps you up at night.
  4. You do not exercise, ever ! Exercise is a stress buster and an immune booster. In addition to its contribution to physical fitness, it improves mental health !
  5. Dinner is usually the heaviest meal of the day ! You try to sleep  as the body tries to metabolize all sorts of processed food. A light meal, preferably tryptophan rich which help you fall asleep

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