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We are constantly updating and expect to see this list grow. We hope our apps help you out. Please drop us a message on Instagram if you have any app ideas, suggestions or feedback. Thank you 🙂

Angrr - Relax, resolve and forgive

Angrr is a comprehensive app designed to help you deal with anger and the stress associated with it. Angrr can help you control and effectively resolve any problems that arise from issues related to anger.

Breathr- Breath trainer and relaxing soundscapes

This app is designed to help you get a short break from the daily grind. "Breathe" will help you train your breathing so that you exhale is slightly longer than your inhale. In addition, you can choose amongst the available soundscapes to help you relax even further..

Thoughts - CBT diary

A thought diary is a structured journal in which you record your events, thoughts and behaviors. Maintaining a thought diary. helps you understand patterns of thinking and behavior that gets you into trouble.

Panic Buddy

Panic attacks are extremely distressing and often lead to significant impairment. This app is meant to help you effectively deal with panic attacks.