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IPDE Online – Take the personality disorder screening test

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The International personality disorder examination


The International personality disorder examination or  IPDE is a user-friendly and clinically meaningful tool for clinicians to assess personality disorders. The following is a screening tool, required to assess the need for further testing. The test has a total of 59 questions and will take around 15-20 minutes to complete.


The purpose of this questionnaire is to learn what type of person you have been during the past five years. Please answer the following questions based on how you would mostly feel, not how you would sometimes feel. The purpose of his test is to identify problematic personality traits if any. Ratings should be based on life-long patterns and the typical functioning of an individual.

Please do not skip any items.

If you are not sure of an answer, select the one- TRUE or FALSE-which is more likely to be correct.

There is no time limit, but do not spend too much time thinking about the answer to any single statement.

Required fields are marked *

1.I usually get fun and enjoyment out of life. *
2.I don’t react well when someone offends me *
3.I’m not fussy about little details. *
4.I can’t decide what kind of person I want to be. *
5.I show my feelings for everyone to see. *
6.I let others make my big decisions for me. *
7.I usually feel tense or nervous. *
8.I almost never get angry about anything. *
9.I go to extremes to try to keep people from leaving me. *
10.I’m a very cautious person. *
11.I’ve never been arrested. *
12.People think I’m cold and detached. *
13.I get into very intense relationships that don’t last. *
14.Most people are fair and honest with me. *
15.I find it hard to disagree with people if I depend on them a lot. *
16.I feel awkward or out of place in social situations. *
17.I’m too easily influenced by what goes on around me. *
18.I usually feel bad when I hurt or mistreat someone. *
19.I argue or fightwhen people try to stop me from doing what I want. *
20.At times I’ve refused to hold a job, even when I was expected to. *
21.When I’m praised or criticized I don’t show others my reaction. *
22.I’ve held grudges against people for years. *
23.I spend too much time trying to do things perfectly. *
24.People often make fun of me behind my back. *
25.I’ve never threatened suicide or injured myself on purpose. *
26.My feelings are like the weather; they’realways changing. *
27.I fight for my rights even when it annoys people. *
28.I like to dress to stand out in a crowd. *
29.I will lie or con someone if it serves my purpose. *
30.I don’t stick wlth a plan if I don’t get results right away. *
31.I have little or no desire to have sex with anyone. *
32.People think I’m too strict about rules and regulations. *
33.I usually feel uncomfortable or helpless when I’m alone. *
34.I won’t get involved with people until I’m certain they like me. *
35.I would rather not be the centre of attention. *
36.I think my spouse (or lover) may be unfaithful to me. *
37.Sometimes I get m angry I break or smash things. *
38.I’ve had close friendships that lasted a long time. *
39.I worry a lot that people may not like me. *
40.I often feel “empty” inside. *
41.I work hard I don’t have time left for anything else. *
42.I worry about being left alone and having to care for myself. *
43.A lot of things seem dangerous to me that don’t bother most people. *
44.I have a reputation for being a flirt. *
45.I don’t ask favors from people I depend on a lot. *
46.I prefer activities that I can do by myself. *
47.I Lose my temper and get into fights *
48.People think I’m too stiff or formal. *
49.I often seek advice or reassurance about everyday decisions. *
50.I keep to myself even when there are other people around. *
51.It’s hard for me to stay out of trouble. *
52.I’m convinced there’s a conspiracy behind many things in the world. *
53.I’m very moody. * is hard for me to get used to a new way of doing things. *
55.Most people think I’m a strange person. *
56.I take chances and do reckless things. *
57.Everyone needs a friend or two to be happy. *
58.I’m more interested in my own thoughts than what goes on around me. *
59.I usually try to get people to do things my way. *