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World mental health day – Superhero contest – Best Essay

The need to promote mental health

It should first start with the areas which are kept at dark about mental health. I hail from a southern district of Tamilnadu , right from my teenage I have seen plenty of psychiatric patients. Only a couple of years back I got to understand that what exactly was wrong with each and every one of them.There was this schizophrenic patient whom my friends would pelt stones at shouting “loosu” ,a hypochondriacal patient whom my grandparents called “loosu” ,a depressed widow who apparently was a sign of Satan one more “loosu”,an autistic kid of my school teacher my classmates called him “loosu”,let it be any form of other mental instabilities like stress, anxiety ,ADHD ,mood disorders ,eating disorder all of them were put into a single category called ” loosu” and many of them were on the streets fending for themselves .The truth is even now almost every village is in the dark when it comes to mental instabilities.People have no idea when something is wrong and when to seek an intervention.From out of the blue if someone seeks a psychiatric intervention they have to travel from all the way to Chennai for a session, almost all of them stop there.Apparently, they think mental well being is not as much as necessary as physical well being.They simply will have to be taught what mental instability could do to your physical well being and financial capability.

And next with the schools, colleges, and teachers. 

1)They cover almost all of the youngsters and kids and what is better than an early intervention and treatment.
2)They have to be taught how much an individual person can handle and not all kids can handle a tremendous pressure .I have seen a couple of instances of teenagers experiencing a complete outburst because of the stress they experience in the name of imparting knowledge.
I have seen teachers literally dehumanizing the below average and lowest rank holders of their class.Teachers must be made to understand that these experiences can paralyze the confidence and integrity of an individual at a young age and by doing those they are not doing any good but destroying a kid’s future. Childhood psychiatric illnesses like ADHD , intellectual disabilities ,learning disabilities ,hyperlexia , social disorders and much more can be identified at an early stage by teachers and can be treated at an early stage. the teachers must be taught to support children who are different through steps skill-building programmes, hearing out their problems and giving simple remedies.They must give the confidence to their students that they are always available for them no matter what their query is.Good behavior with the fellow kids ,a good eco-friendly approach at this level can build a human of excellent value. I assume an Interventions through teachers at school age can have a massive positive impact on mental health in a mass.

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