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Why see a  psychiatrist or psychologist?

Mental illness and  mental wellness are something that we seldom talk about.  Like every other illness, mental illness does not cease to exist just because we dont talk about it. Multiple international agencies predict  that mental illnesses will be one of the  leading causes of disability in the years to come. One in 4 individuals are said to be suffering from some sort of psychiatric illness. Early treatment can prevent unnecessary suffering to a large extent. 

A  large proprtion of these people can be helped to rid themselves of distressing symptoms to a large extent through empathetic care. The primary aim of this psychiatrist in Chennai is to end the taboo around mental illness and improve help seeking behaviour . Psychiatrists can diagnose and treat mental illnesses including depression, anxiety , addictions, OCD  and schizophrenia. Further they can provide effective strategies to reduce stress and improve quality of life. A number of people avoid seeing a psychiatrist even when in severe distress, and we hope this avoidance will disappear in the coming years !

Chennai Psychiatrist


Your friendly neighbourhood psychiatrist. 

Life is beautiful and magical. One needs a clear mind to absorb and experience life to the fullest. Sometimes, due to no fault of our own, it becomes difficult for us to cope with the strains of life. We at the vivid mind strive to provide the most effective care for those braving through stressful times. We aim to provide empathetic, personalized mental health care services to all those who are in need of it. We offer a number of treatment modalities tailor made to your needs.  We offer supportive psychotherapy and counselling services to help you deal with any speed bumps you may come across.

Dr Vikas is one of the few psychiatrists in chennai offering mindfulness based interventions for the treatment of anxiety and depression. The vivid mind clinic is possibly the only psychiatry clinic in chennai offering virtual reality based therapy. We constantly innovate and push the boundaries of existing technology to make life easier for those suffering with mental health issues. We try our best to keep medical prescriptions to the bare minimum. Patient comfort is always our first priority. We will make sure that you are comfortable throughout your journey with us. 

At the vivid mind psychiatry clinic, there are no waiting times. All you have to do is set up an appointment with us. Once booked, your time slot is guaranteed.

Psychiatry is a medical specialty, like surgery, general medicine and pediatrics. It involves the study, diagnosis and management of mental illnesses and distressing conditions, pertaining to both the mind and body. Misconceptions about psychiatric illness and treatment have some how prevented help seeking behaviour in those who need it the most. Psychiatrists can provide psychotherapy (Counselling, CBT and other talk therapies) as well as prescribe medication. This Wall has to go, wherein visiting a psychiatrist should no longer be taboo, and people should be able to openly and freely discuss mental health issues. More here.

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