What is OCD

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is characterized by the presence of intrusive obsessions and compulsions. This routinely causes causes considerable distress and disrupts normal work and occupational functioning. It was once believed that OCD was a rare disorder, but its prevalence has been on the rise.

Obsessions are repetitive thoughts, ideas, images or impulses that return to one’s mind in a stereotyped manner  which are often identified as distressing and senseless. These thoughts are usually resisted, but unsuccessfully.

A need to keep things in a certain order, a need to pray in a certain way, an obsessive need for symmetry or a need to keep checking the stove knob despite knowing it is closed, a feeling of being dirty or requiring to wash stuff over and over again or an  UN-understandable urge to step on peoples feet !

Compulsions are actions, like checking and washing which may or may not result from obsessions.

Raghav had repetitive thoughts that he hadn’t locked the door. Despite knowing he has indeed locked the door, these thoughts do not stop and cause intense distress and restlessness (Obsession),until he goes and checks if the door is indeed locked (Compulsion).

Another one, Raghav had to skip every alternate stair, if he did not something bad would happen.


We all come across people who believe they suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder ? So do they ?

A number of people adhere to rules (personal or social) strictly, tend to be seen as rigid and stubborn and often tend too take too much time on the job in search for perfectionism. They often consider themselves to be “OCD”.

These people are said to have an anankastic personality, wherein these people do not find their behavior distressing. OCD is by nature, distressing. (There may be a small percentile of patients who deny any distress, however social or occupational distress is obvious)

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