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The online self esteem test

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Self esteem is defined as the a feeling of satisfaction that someone has in himself or herself and his or her own abilities.

 Self-esteem has become a household word. People (Teachers, parents,therapists, and others) have started focusing efforts on boosting self-esteem, not understanding the heterogeneity of the concept.

Self esteem is a two edged knife, there is very fine line between holding a high self esteem and being a narcissist. People with a healthy self esteem can be assertive but are cautious about alienation. Narcissists are charming at first but tend to alienate others eventually.  Low self-esteem may contribute to externalizing behavior and delinquency, however High self-esteem does not prevent children from smoking, drinking, taking drugs, or engaging in early sex.

Like all beautiful things in life,  self esteem needs to fall in a healthy range. Too much of it may be as bad as too little. This becomes especially important for parents and teachers, as indiscriminate praise might just as easily promote narcissism, with its less desirable
consequences and indiscriminate punishment can easily lead to a low self esteem.

Take the online self esteem test.

You can find more information of how to identify self esteem issues and strategies to help improve confidence  is on the results page. Make sure to answer all questions as honestly as possible.

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1.I am satisfied with myself. *
2.I am useless *
3.I have some good attributes. *
4.I am able to do things as well as others *
5.I don’t have much to be proud of *
6.I feel useless at times *
7.I am on an equal plane with others *
8.I wish I was respected more *
9.I am a failure *
10.I am optimistic *