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Accessible mental health care

Sometime in the future . . .

Neuroscience is incredibly complex. Behavioral scientists over the past 100 years have come up with several useful concepts and theories that can make a world a healthy place all of us. However, this vast information is often unavailable to those who need them. We want to bridge this gap.

To cut a long story short, we want everyone to be able to identify and to some extent manage issues in mental health by themselves. By “issues” we not only mean mental illnesses but also factors that hamper mental wellness. We dream to build a supportive environment for people of all ages to help them feel empowered and fulfilled. We plan to do this by “open sourcing” mental health. We want to involve all the stake holders, those who are suffering and those who can help in building a friendly open access platform that will revolutionize how mental health care is sought and provided.

We understand that several mental health problems will require input from trained professionals. This platform does not aim to replace these professionals. We want to make it easier for people to understand their issues, thereby enhancing the therapeutic process. We dream to take the behavioral sciences to the masses.

From the heart !

We want to help make the world a friendly, non judgemental and fun place to spend a life time in. As far fetched as this may seem, we would like to explore the possibility and take it as far as it will go.

How are we planning to do this ?

We are in May 2020 now. I have been working on this idea for the past 6 months. My expertise lies in mental illness and that’s where we have started. We aim to utilize digital platforms, websites, apps, games and social media to help realize our dreams. Currently the website has a few mental illness related articles and a few screening tests and is barely a stub of what we hope to achieve. In the near future this website will be a hub that can help people clear out their minds and get them the support they need. 

” A 15 year old victim of bullying, a 25 year old suffering from depression or a 45 year old caretaker of a parent with dementia should be able to log on and receive transformative support, instantly.

This support may be as simple as a self help article/workbook or a mobile application/game. It may extend to enrollment in support groups and/or appropriate referrals to mental health professionals near them.

Once our basic infrastructure is in place, we will be able to quickly screen for issues relating to mental health (not restricted to mental illness) and provide quick, effective and evidence based support to large populations fairly quickly.

good day
This is the dream and this is what we will work towards.