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The social anxiety test.

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Most of us become uncomfortable in a few social circumstances. Sometimes our palms sweat,  hands tremble and voices squeak while walking into a room full of strangers or when we are asked to address a highly critical audience.  Most of us get through it.

However, some people suffer from social anxiety disorder and have trouble dealing with a number of social situations . A person with social anxiety might  avoid all social contact because things that other people consider “normal” and “easy”  like maintaining a conversation, looking at someone in the eye, talking to someone belonging to the opposite gender can make him or her so uncomfortable that they would rather avoid it. Many aspects of  life, remain unfulfilled as people with social anxiety tend to accept it and move on. They prefer to stay away from situations that would make them uncomfortable, leading to severe restrictions in one’s lifestyle.

The quantitative difference between normative “shyness” and social anxiety is obvious when one looks at the impairments they cause.

Either way, help is available and there are a number of measures available that can help one get rid of social anxiety and lead an awesome life.

The test below is based upon the SIAS (Social interaction anxiety scale ). The SIAS measures social interaction anxiety, which refers to distress when meeting and talking with other people, whether they be friends, members of the opposite sex, or strangers. Answer the questions honestly, and you may be surprised by what you find !

Do you have social anxiety ? Take the online test to find out !

The quiz consists of 20 questions and may take around 5 minutes to complete.


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1.I get nervous if I have to speak with someone in authority (teacher, boss, etc.) *
2.I have difficulty making eye contact with others *
3.I become tense if I have to talk about myself or my feelings *
4.I find it difficult to mix comfortably with the people I work with *
5.I find it easy to make friends my own age *
6.I tense up if I meet an acquaintance in the street *
7.When mixing socially, I am uncomfortable *
8.I feel tense if I am alone with just one other person *
9.I am at ease meeting people at parties, etc *
10.I have difficulty talking with other people *
11.I find it easy to think of things to talk about *
12.I worry about expressing myself in case I appear awkward *
13.I find it difficult to disagree with another’s point of view *
14.I have difficulty talking to attractive persons of the opposite sex *
15.I find myself worrying that I won’t know what to say in social situations *
16.I am nervous mixing with people I don’t know well *
17.I feel I’ll say something embarrassing when talking *
18.When mixing in a group, I find myself worrying I will be ignored *
19.I am tense mixing in a group. *
20.I am unsure whether to greet someone I know only slightly. *