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1.The introduction

Welcome to “The soul searcher’s guide to being an earthling”, a series of blog posts that will take you on a transformative journey to explore the mysteries of the universe, the wonder of life on our home planet, the depths of human consciousness, the evolution of pain and suffering, and practical techniques to enhance our connection with life on Earth through the realms of science, philosophy, and spirituality.


This article explores the origins of the universe from scientific and religious perspectives. We delve into the birth of stars, cosmic forces, and our place in the vast expanse. Join us as we ponder the profound questions and unravel the mysteries of the universe’s creation. Prepare for an enlightening journey that contemplates the awe-inspiring scale of the cosmos.

3.Our little blue planet

As we explore the remarkable history of life, we unveil the resilience, adaptability, and mysteries that continue to shape our world. Prepare to be captivated by the captivating story of life’s evolution – a tale  on the very fabric of our existence.

4.The Earthlings

  This tale weaves honeybees, whales, humans, and dogs, showcasing their influence on each other and the delicate balance of life. Adler’s “community feeling” resonates as a catalyst for well-being, underscoring our shared responsibility within our woven world.

5.The humans