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Satisfaction in life test – Measure your life satisfaction

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Life is a wonderful thing, a crazy combination of physics and chemistry make biological life on this planet a possibility. Human life is even more astounding, a confluence of myriad variables that have to be in place for human life to be a realistic possibility. Most of us toil as hard as we do, studying for a test, working for a promotion or in putting down our hard work in order to somehow succeed in life.

We try to succeed in life so that we can finally be happy (the ultimate goal)! But yet we see successful people, those who have the very thing that we strive for, aren’t as happy as they are supposed to be. Wierd world!

Success – Isn’t that the only thing we all work toward? What do you get when you are successful? Happiness ?. If happiness is defined as what you feel when you are successful, happiness will always be fleeting, until the next goal is set, until the next exam is aced, until the next million is made. If success made were the only thing to make us happy, no wonder we run around in circles, competing in a race that can never be won.

Satisfaction – According to a vast number of spiritual leaders, happiness = satisfaction. It is very hard to believe this, and even harder to practice. But, there seems to be some truth it. Why can’t we be happy before we set a goal or while pursuing success, is it impossible to fail happily? Confused ? me too!

Take the satisfaction in life test online

Success cannot be measured but satisfaction can, please complete the following questions, to your satisfaction score!

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1.In most ways, my life is close to my ideal. *
2.The conditions of my life are excellent. *
3.I am satisfied with my life *
4.So far I have gotten the important things I want in life *
5.If I could live my life over, I would change almost nothing. *