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The Soul Searcher’s Guide to Being an Earthling

Join us on a profound journey of self-discovery through our new series of  blog posts -The Soul Searcher’s Guide to Being an Earthling. Explore the mysteries of the universe, the depths of human consciousness, and practical techniques for a meaningful life. Embrace the calling of the Soul Searcher today !

how do i help someone with anxiety

How do I help a loved one with anxiety.

Reading Time: 4 minutes Around 20 per cent of Indian adults may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. If your loved one is suffering from anxiety, it can be a…
how do i help someone with ocd

How do I help a loved one with OCD.

Reading Time: 4 minutes OCD can be extremely distressing and can lead to significant personal, occupational and social distress. In those suffering from OCD, behaviour learned to prevent distress fail,…

How do I help someone with an eating disorder ?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Eating disorders are incredibly distressing to the sufferer. You may be witness to your loved one following rigid diets, bingeing on food in secret, throwing up…
how do i help depression

How do I help someone with depression ?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Depression is a terrible illness because it often prevents people from doing things that can help them. It affects almost all aspects of life. If your…
taking care

My loved one has schizophrenia, how can I help ?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello and greetings. You are doing an incredible job already! Living with someone with schizophrenia can sometimes be hard. Even before we start, make sure schizophrenia…