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Emotional intelligence test (EQ test) online

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What does “emotional quotient” mean ?

Emotional intelligence can be described as a persons ability to reason with and understand one’s own emotional state. A person who is emotionally intelligent is aware of how they feel and is able to identify, understand, and deal with the emotions effectively.

Quick fact – People who have difficulty getting along with others usually have a great deal of conflict in their lives. This is related to their emotional intelligence.

Those with high emotional intelligence are able to

  1. Recognize emotions easily in the self and others.
  2. Use this information wisely.
  3. Establish rewarding social relationships with others.
  4. Avoid/deal with problems and conflicts.
  5. Tend to be seen as calm and cooperative.

In addition to resilience, emotional intelligence is one of the most important factors that predicts success. Intellect (IQ) plays a less significant role when compared to either of the above. Researchers have proved time and again that people with high EQs are often the top performers in their fields, a 2011 study of 17,000 infants followed over 50 years revealed that high EQ was a better predictor of success when compared to academic performance.

In addition to success at the workplace, people with a higher emotional intelligence have longer marriages and lower levels of depression and anxiety. These people even seem to be are physically healthier.

The emotional intelligence test

The test consists of 40 questions, you will receive you results in terms of your ability to identify emotions, manage emotions and your ability to manage social relationships.


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1.My feelings are clear to me at any given moment. *
2.Emotions play an important part in my life. *
3.My moods impact the people around me. *
4.I find it easy to put words to my feelings. *
5.My moods are easily affected by external events. *
6.I can easily sense when I am going to be angry. *
7.I readily tell others my true feelings. *
8.I find it easy to describe my feelings. *
9.Even when I am upset, I am aware of what is happening to me. *
10.I am able to stand apart from my thoughts and feelings and examine them. *
11.I accept responsibility for my actions. *
12.I find it easy to make goals and stick with them. *
13.I am an emotionally balanced person. *
14.I am a very patient person. *
15.I can accept critical comments from others without becoming angry. *
16.I maintain my composure, even during stressful times. *
17.If an issue does not affect me directly, I do not let it bother me. *
18.I can restrain myself when I feel anger toward someone. *
19.I control my urges to overindulge in things that could damage my well being. *
20.I direct my energy into creative work or hobbies. *
21.I consider the impact of my decisions on other people. *
22.I can easily tell if people around me are becoming annoyed. *
23.I sense when a person’s mood changes. *
24.I am able to be supportive when giving bad news to others. *
25.I am generally able to understand the way other people feel. *
26.My friends can tell me intimate things about themselves. *
27.It genuinely bothers me to see other people suffer. *
28.I usually know when to speak and when to be silent. *
29.I care what happens to other people. *
30.I understand when other people’s plans change. *
31.I am able to show affection. *
32.My relationships are safe places for me. *
33.I find it easy to share my deep feelings with others. *
34.I am good at motivating others. *
35.I am a fairly cheerful person. *
36.It is easy for me to make friends. *
37.People tell me I am sociable and fun. *
38.I like helping people. *
39.Others can depend on me. *
40.I am able to talk someone down if they are very upset. *