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Intuition explained

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Most people have deep questions about intuition and judgement. Quite often one’s gut feelings turn out to be true. Do you remember that time when you predicted future events in a fit of ingenious intuitive thinking ? For example when a certain question you predicted appeared on the exam ? Or when your prediction about someone else’s behavior came true ? The brain is capable of such cool things and more ! Is intuition a super power ? Is it super natural ?

The brain is an advanced network of neurons.. Considering that it has constantly been learning from the environment for your entire lifetime, it can make predictions based on incomplete data. The brain automatically completes incomplete data to make it meaningful. This occurs constantly and subconsciously. Try playing the video below .

If your brain is playing “we will rock you” by Queen inside your head, we are all set ! Your brain just somehow associated three images, played in sequence to a song you probably haven’t listened to in years !

Intuition is very similar to this, your brain identifies cues in the environment and points you to a judgement based on those cues. Though it appears that the thought appeared automatically and without reason, your brain is constantly connecting the dots and trying to make the world easily understood.

This is why we instantly like/dislike people at first sight. This is how we predict the “future”.

It is pretty obvious why intuitions can fail, past experiences may not accurately predict future events. The videos you watch on YouTube are made of still images played at just 30 frames a second. Your brain deciphers it into smooth HD video. The brain is actually filling in between frames.

The next time you judge someone based on their looks, you know it your brain connecting the dots and filling in the blanks. And the next time you have that gut feeling, it might not be some supernatural forces, just your brain doing its job.

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