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Do you have experiences or expertise with issues relating to mental health ?

will i become addicted

How to get someone to stop using drugs or alcohol?

As the world continues to become more and more fond of drug-induced happiness/escape, the number of people consuming psychoactive substances such as alcohol has been on the rise. As more…
help for dementia

How do I help someone with dementia

When she wakes up, we know what is scheduled for the day. He meal time, activity time and sleep times are kept regular. We try to fit in some social…

Take a screening test

Worried about a specific mental problem ? You can take a quick, free test to understand some symtpoms better. You may also use them to track your progress. All the results are instant and confidential.

Understand a disorder

We have a great collection that can help you understand disorders better. These articles are constantly updated to keep the content relevant and easy to understand.

Reach out

Though self help is a great place to start, there may be some of you who would like to reach out for more support. Click here to reach out to someone who is willing to help.