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6 easy to follow tips to set goals and reach them

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Want to buy a car ? Want to quit drinking ? Want to crack an exam ? Setting
specific goals for ourselves help us make life much simpler. It helps in effectively managing our time and allocating resources. The the road toward goals may may be filled with distractions and disturbances, but often gives us direction and helps in our productivity. Even when we are lost in emotion and adversity , goals tend to add a sense of purpose and can help take life forward.

Here are seven steps to setting and sticking to goals .

Make the decision

Where do you want to be and what do you want to be doing a year from now. Something you’re interested in or feel excited by. Would it be a certain job or a certain need for freedom. Buying a new bike or learning to surf. Size or significance does not matter. However setting a goal that is slightly beyond our reach can help us grow and
stay motivated. Think of the positives and negatives behind your decision before you decide. Once you do come to a decision, there is no going back.

Record the decision.

Writing down our decisions increase our chances of sticking with them. Be
specific, write down timelines and benchmarks. Imagine how it will feel like when the goal is achieved, write down all the great feelings associated with successfully pursuing a goal. Always record goals in terms of what you want, not what you don’t want. For example: ‘I want to clear my exams, not “I don’t want to fail”.

Publicize the decision

Tell close friends and relatives about your goal. This vastly increases the
chances of one going through the effort to complete it. You do not need to talk about the trivial details, but try to mention your decision and how much you want to attain your goal. “Hey guys, I am going to try quitting cigarettes. I hope to be smoke free by the end of this week”

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